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 I was very skeptical about the whole online dating scene, a friend of mine had been meeting a  few women on the web so I decided to give it a try  - I did a quick google search and found adultmatchmaker At this point the fun started, after a search of women seeking men in Sydney I was presented with pages of available women! Hundreds of them! I began contacting a few and within a week I had met one very sexy blonde student. To cut a long story short we met up with a couple of her friends one night and after a few cocktails some very raunchy group sex took place. I've seen her once since then but I've got a couple of others on my hot list now. I don't think I will bother with the night club scene again!  Brad 24yrs Nth Sydney        Join Free Here

I am a: 21 y.o Female 
Seeking: Men
Aged Between: 18y.o and 24y.o
Looking For: Erotic Chat or Email
Discreet Relationship
1 on 1 Sex
Group Sex (3 or 4 people)
Picture Swapping
Orgies (5 or more people)
Casual Sex

My wife and I decided to take our search for a swinging experience online. We looked at a few dating sites and then found adultmatchmaker though a link on swingconnect. The whole process of finding swingers online was so easy once we signed up as members (which is free) We were surprised to find so many couples have the same idea as us. We started contacting a few and a few blanks were drawn! We placed our own ad on the site and in the meantime responded to a couple of new ads. Jackpot! We met a fantastic couple who we have seen twice now - No pressure just a good time and some great sex mixed in!  Robert & Vivian - Brisbane  Join Free Here

I am a: 26 y.o Female 
Seeking: Male
Aged Between: 27y.o and 35y.o
Looking For: 1 on 1 Sex
Casual Sex


Naked photos of people seeking sex? You've got to be kidding! Adultmatchmaker just opened up a whole new world of possibilities as far as I was concerned. In Melbourne there are plenty of hot clubs and bars but finding a site like this takes a lot of the guess work out of meeting new people online. I was spending a small fortune chatting women buying drinks every Saturday night but now I just log on browse some ads and find women who are looking for casual sex! No confusion no mixed signals no cheesy pickup lines. I've had two mind blowing one night stands through Adultmatchmaker in the last two weeks and its much cheaper than hitting the clubs! David 32 - Melbourne

Age: 25

 Bi - Curious

Sex: Female

Seeking:   Men, Women, Couples

For: Casual Sex, Affairs, Bi Sexual 3 Somes

Age: Open

Likes: New things Sexual,

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