First Time Swingers

Just who swings? Go to your local shopping center and take a look at the people going through the register – regular every day average normal people. These are your typical swingers, they are just normal people looking for a little spice and excitement in their relationship. Go to swinger party or start meeting people from a swinger site and you very quickly learn that they are not devo’s or perverted in any particular way. In the main a lot of couples are testing the waters, living out a fantasy with a same sex experience or similar. Swinging couples demographics are changing, younger couples are finding inspiration through dating sites and experimenting with swinging, the numbers of bi sexual women coming out of the closet is off the charts, currently girls are not as shy about be attracted to the same sex and they are making a statment with their actions. Swinging is not cheating, it’s consentual which means no secrets and both partners are very aware of what takes place. If your sneaking off and having a casual fling on the side then your a cheater – not a swinger. Men will often be the first to initiate a swinging experience and are often surprised at how readily their partners will consent to the the idea – In practice a lot of time can pass between discussion and action and many couples may never progress past this point even after an “in principal” agreement. First time swingers should never feel pressured into sex, there should be 100 % agreement between all parties and at least some chemistry to make the experience as exciting as possible. If a partner gets cold feet or a bad vibe then it is best practice to respect yoru partner and stop no matter how badly you might want to proceed. Couples need to keep the communication lines open at all times, its very important to have some clear boundaries. Swinging can be fun, take the time to find the right partners and test the waters!

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