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Size does matter? well that depends on your taste, these terms all used to describe womens mamaries… Slang terms but still common and mostly not bad taste. These are the fun bits located at teh front of the girl below her chin and above her navel (unless they are in real bad shape) Often looked at and admired and enhanced by surgery. Women and men seem to be large breasts – or better breasts..

Can you tell real from fake – by the hand of man or god? Are man made tits as good – do they feel as good and do they look better? This is a personal choice – it also depends on the surgeon skills – Ever seen a bad tit job? Cricket ball in a sock effect? Of course after time this is what can happen

Q.How to make 4 pounds of fat look good?

A.Put a nipple on it.

But seriously tit’s seem to cause everything from serious envy to car accidents! What is the appeal of huge knockers? Giant boobs ? Firm breasts?

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