Sydney Friends

Sydney friends are easy to find, Sydney has the biggest population in Australia so meeting people should not be a problem! If you look to make casual friends or even look for a more serious relationship then there is no excuse for not finding one. Through the internet you will find large communities of people sharing their lives on many different levels. Of course you can use the webcam chat rooms, blogs, instant messages, forums and personals to meet people. Some of the sites are free and some you have to pay for, you do get whay you pay for in many cases!

“I’ve been online for about 5 years now, I have grown my circle of friends very quickly as a result, I even met my last girlfriend online” Jake 29 Canberra ACT

“I’ve met so many friends on the internet it’s now become my biggest social outlet, I don’t see them all in the flesh but I have met a few for coffee and a couple of casual dates” Helena 28 Melbourne CBD


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